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Sea Gypsies Short version for "Why Poverty?" BBC Series   Struggling to survive on a paradisiacal coral island off the coast of Borneo, a Sea Gypsy girl sees her life threatened by the ban on fishing imposed by the local marine park authorities. Facing starvation because of these new restrictions on their livelihood, Indanina and her family are forced to move to a city here life is nothing but idyllic. Her journey in an alienating fast changing world becomes the story of her people.
Flowers and Knives   While a local priest from a traditional village of Flores in Indonesia is celebrating his ordainment in an impressive animistic-catholic ceremony, another young man coming from that very island watches. This is what Yansen's life will turn in a few short years... Studying theology in Rome to become a missionary priest for migrants, Yansen is stuck in a dilemma that will define the rest of his life. Will he choose religion or will he choose a wife? His own ordainment ritual in Flores has yet to come…
Children's dreams   Eight kids from eight different parts of the world, all born on the year 2000, will give us a new local perspective on the eight Millenium Development Goals. With a fresh look and sparkling eyes, these kids will take us to their world and let us discover their humble but fantastic dreams for a better tomorrow...
Eight children, eight stories, eight goals declared by the United Nations to be achieved by 2015.
Greece: Days of Change (english) Feature Length Documentary (78 min.) old title: " in progress" In times of recession, here is a portrait of three Greeks trying to take their destiny in their own hands. Could this crisis be our chance to re-invent ourselves and our society?

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    One Vibe Films is an Italian based independent production company that aspires to promote intercultural dialogue in our modern societies.
    With a strong emotional touch and the will to amplify people's forgotten voices and restore their dignity, our international human interest documentaries bring our audiences closer to the every day reality of far away people, ethnic minorities, women and children. Through local stories that have a universal appeal, we foster raising awareness on sustainable development, environmental, social and human rights issues with our creative character driven documentaries and NGO videos.
    We also organize PV workshops (Participatory Videos) with unprivileged youth to enhance social activism at the grassroots level and we innovate our productions with cross-media projects.



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    Greece: Days of Change :

    Broadcasted by: ORF 3 (Austria), Ireland (RTE), Norway (NRK), Greece (SKAI), Spain (Catalan TV)


    • Thessaloniki International Documentary Festival 2014 (Greece)
    • Millennium International Documentary Festival 2015 (Belgium), nominated for the "Workers of the world" award
    • Docs Barcelona 2015 (Spain), nominated for the "New Talent" award
    • One World Festival 2016 (Czech Republic)

    Screenings :

    • Selected by EDN for the "Moving Docs" distribution, reaching audience in cinema screenings across Europe.
    • Spain: 60 cinema venues all over Spain during January 2016, by "Documental del mez", Parallel 40.
    • Italy: Rome, Bologna, Sardegna by DocIT, future screenings in Matera and Potenza by One Vibe Films.
    • Greece: Athens by CineDoc

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    The short version joined the Why Poverty? series

    Covered by 69 broadcasters reaching over 200 countries worldwide

    37 European broadcasters took part on the Eurovision Why Poverty? Theme day on the 29th November 2012

    Over 1 million views on Youtube (6 months later)

    Broadcasted by: TVO (Canada), SVT (Sweden), YLE (Finland), ERT (Greece), IBA (Israel), CTV (Czech Republic), TEMPO TV (Indonesia), LinkTV (USA), Canal Futura (Brazil), etc...

    Screened at festivals: Tampere Film Festival Tullikamarin (Finland), Visions du Reel (Switzerland), Curt Doc. Vidreres International Short Doc Fest (Catalonia), London Eco Film Festival (UK), One World International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival (Prague), etc...


    has been selected for Storydoc 2010, where projects were presented before a panel of commissioning editors and international producers.


  • Creative documentaries

    Our mission is to make engaging creative documentaries out of universal, touching, character driven stories for international broadcasters. We bridge gaps of prejudice and fear with empathy and humanity to encourage our audiences to rethink diversity as multiple reflections of universality, as “One Vibe”. 

    Communication for Development

    One Vibe Films also promotes Communication for Development. We collaborate with international NGOs to improve their communication strategies by creating PSAs, short videos or longer documentaries that best represent their visions and activities.

    Educational videos

    In collaboration with public services, such as the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we create educational videos on social and environmental issues that are distributed in schools on a national scale.  
    Participatory videos

    Our blending of expertise in psychosocial work with media production, gave birth to our desire to work on a grassroots level with the people that feel the need to share their points of views and their stories. 

    New media

    With a strong interest in new media, as a source of new potential to reach out different kinds of audiences, we develop innovative projects on web platforms that allow the global community to interact and learn from each other.