Smile of the child

60min, 10min., 1min., DV
Director / Producer: Elena Zervopoulou
Commisioned by: the Smile of the Child
Distribution: Theatrical release in Athens, broadcasting and DVD distribution
Although "The smile of child" has been the most popular Greek NGO for child protection in the past decade, very few were really aware of the quality of their work and of the large variety of programs they offer.

These videos contributed considerably in improving the image of the organization by informing in depth on the activities that are conducted, always through the sensitive eyes of an abused child that found a shelter and affection in this large family.

In order to preserve this delicate intimate testimony of our young main character and avoid chocking our younger audience, we used an animation character that represents all abused children that are being taken in charge by the NGO. While the voice over of our true adolescent protagonist is being heard, we follow the animation character interacting with the other children in their daily activities