Children's dreams


Eight kids from eight different parts of the world, all born on the year 2000, will give us a new local perspective on the eight Millenium Development Goals. With a fresh look and sparkling eyes, these kids will take us to their world and let us discover their humble but fantastic dreams for a better tomorrow...

Eight children, eight stories, eight goals declared by the United Nations to be achieved by 2015.

The gap between the noble intentions of achieving a “peaceful, prosperous and fair world” and the harsh reality.

The gap between the harsh reality and a child's dreams.
Each time through a local story, from a child’s innovative, sensitive perspective, we will gain insight into their fragile world, their difficulties and dreams. Each of the eight stories will be related to one of the Millenium Development Goals briefly stated in the begining of each episode, allowing us to draw our own conclusions in terms of the impact they have on our young protagonists' lives.
With the intention of raising awareness and engaging social change starting from grassroots, we will implicate in the filmmaking process a youth group from each place.
Using a Participatory Video approach, our young focus groups will be directly involved in the story telling. They will participate in identifying an MDGs related, local story from their surrounding environment, and in the filming process with their own camera, guided by the director of the film.
Note of intention
In September 2000, the heads of 189 states, met in United Nations to call to action for a “peaceful, prosperous and fair world”. This decision was accompanied by a series of basic demands to take on action and materialize the 8 Millennium Development Goals until 2015:
1. Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger. 2. Achieve Universal primary education. 3. Promote gender equality and empower women. 4. Reduce Child Mortality. 5. Improve Maternal Health. 6. Fight HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases. 7. Ensure Environmental Sustainability. 8. Develop Global Partnership for the development
Still, in most parts of the world most basic needs are not fullfilled and human rights are not being honored. Nevertheless, children keep on dreaming!
In this creative, socially engaging documentary, our young protagonists will question us on the quality of future we leave them. What kind of messages do tomorrow’s citizens of the world receive from their surrounding world? What are their rights and how much support do they receive? How does all this shape their dreams for a brighter future?