Children's dreams

In relation to the documentary project "Children's dreams", we are developing a user-friendly web platform that will host the 8 short stories produced with our young focus groups, each revealing a local story that illustrates the tremendous work that still needs to be done to achieve the Millenium Development Goals by 2015.
We envision encouraging youth from across the world to further share their own visions of today and tomorrow by stating it on self-made videos. Through chats and forums, they will be able to benefit from their experiences by exchanging on best practices used in their communities. The online platform _conceived in terms of a long-term project_ privileges an inclusive, participatory approach where video would be used by youth as a tool to raise awareness on development and human rights issues. 

A window open to the world creating a network for intercultural dialogue! Simple but challenging in the vision of reaching the Millenium Development Goals in today’s  world...