Elena Zervopoulou

Director / Producer
Greek and French. Founder of One Vibe Films.
She comes from a background of ethnopsychologist (Masters in Clinical Cross-Cultural Psychology from the University of Paris 5). She has worked in Paris supporting immigrant families and their children, in ethno-psychoanalytical therapies following the pioneer Prof. Marie-Rose Moro. As a consultant at UNESCO, she has facilitated the socio-educational integration of street children in Madagascar.
With a Masters in Anthropological and Documentary filmmaking (trained by Jean Rouch’s crew in the Nanterre University of Paris), her academy film is projected in 2004 at «The International Ethnographical Film Festival», in Paris. Since 2005, she has directed, filmed and edited social documentaries and has made videos for NGOs shot in Malaysia, in Indonesia, in India, in Rwanda, in Chile, in Europe.
As an associate producer in Rome she has worked on several internationally distributed documentaries (for ARTE, Discovery, WDR, History Channel).
She speaks fluently English, French, Greek, Italian and has a good level in Spanish, Indonesian and Malay. She is a member of EDN.


Emanuele Giasi

Graduated in Economics from the University of Milano, he has worked in the field of renewable energy as a project developer and a project manager for large photovoltaic plants based in South Italy.
Since 2005 he has produced short films and has worked as the production manager of short and feature films shot in South Italy. He has joined One Vibe Films for the production of social documentaries. He speaks Italian, English and French.
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